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Brantley Ivey

Brantley Ivey has been managing River Ridge Land and Cattle Company since January 2008. He shares Charlotte’s vision for a scalable yet ecologically sustainable operation. Brantley’s primary responsibilities are the management of all divisions including the land, leases, livestock, employees, and oversight of facilities including construction, repairs, and resourceful inventions. 


A typical day for Brantley? “The only thing typical about a day on the farm is that it’s unpredictable.”

Brantley’s experience, passion, talent, education, work ethic, and sincere interest in the community have influenced not only River Ridge but other farms in Grayson County and well beyond. Brantley's long-term commitment to healthy grazing and good cattle genetics helped River Ridge reach the stocking goal of one cow per acre of pasture. This includes nutritious winter feed.

Under Brantley's management, River Ridge Land and Cattle Company has become the main year-round supplier of grass-fed beef to Grayson Natural Farms, a company that Brantley helped establish and now helps manage.  


In addition to pasture management and leading cattle genetics practices, Brantley has followed forest and wildlife management programs, which provide more income from the land without depleting natural sources. This is the model for Whole Farm Planning and small farm operations. As Charlotte Hanes says, "Feeding the world starts at the 'ground level,' and there is no better example of a person who can do this than Brantley Ivey.

Brantley recently completed the VALOR program at Virginia Tech in 2020. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and an Extension Education Master's from the University of Florida. He is committed to raising cattle the right way, in part because, “I’m feeding this to my children, too.” He’s driven by a desire to make farming more sustainable — for the land and for the farmers who tend it. 


Brantley lives on the farm with his wife and children.

Brantley is a renowned expert on pasture management and cattle genetics. To reach Brantley, complete our contact form or send an email.

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